2004 BMW 525i Questions

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no leaking, bad sound, changed the fan recently
I have a 2004 bmw 525I it shuts off on me while I'm driving it I put a new accelerator pedal position sensor oil sensor and the throddle body and all wires have been checkednow I'm beeing told that it's the ecm I'm stuckand ddon't know what to do
Can body work repair an area of the car that's been swiped by another vehicle.. There's a crease in the door
Is there a way to make this car Bluetooth compatible ??
rough idling when engine is cold
red light showing spark plugs need to be replaced. I just had them replaced, but mechanic didn't re-set the light. Now they said the coils could be the reason for the light not going off. I didn't think it was automatic, that they had to reset the service warning light. please help me.
Once in a while the car shows Automatic Transmission Loss and stops. One has to switch off the ignition and restart. This happens once in couple of weeks or so, as soon as I take my car out from garage. Kindly advice the issue and how do I fix it? Dealers tend to misguide you.
4f92 repir guide
just wandering what could be the problem from changing my battery that would make the a/c not blow how would I go about fixing it have you herd of this problem before
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