2003 BMW 525i Questions

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Tried disconnecting the battery feels like a wire behined engine cause i moved the wire and it plays
Dash mileage not showing. No light
rattle and smoke when giving gas. but not all the time.sometimes bogs down and backfires.
overnight parked and all works fine, but after 11 minutes of driving, receive multiple check warnings, then odometer stops working and car stuck on 4th till again parked overnight.
I cannot program a new seat position into my 2003 525i. I just bought this used. The manual states that the keys can be programmed for memory seat. When I try to set a new position, the light on the M does not come on and the new position is not stored. How do I tell if the memory module in the door is bad?
When i drive my car at about 40mph i will stop and then the gas pedal will make a springy noise and then my spedomoter goes out can anyone tell me what that means and what meeds to be replaced .. Thanks
Reverse good won't shift over in Manuel shift any answers thanks tim
Every morning i need to get a jump just to start the engine. ......, when I turn the key to start it, a clicking noise sounds from under the hood. And sometimes "trans. Failsafe" light appears.
I can't unlock with key, door handle, or the button. How do I fix and now I'm worried that will happen with the other 2 doors.
after valve gasket cover change the engine check went on. at the garage the diagnosis tool didnt detect any fault. but experience a bit of shakin that reduces as i speed up and reduced performance HELP
After stopping at the red light stepping on the gas when it is green light the car won't move until you keep on stepping on the gas hard. It is going like 10 20 mph then suddenly it will run normal again
the center arm rest that slides forward will not slide back into position AND I CAN NOT FIGURE OUT WHY
my bmw525i/03 has vibration with accelrating and high RPM.checked and found O2 sensor fault.changed plugs but still same problem
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