2001 BMW 525i Questions

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It won't do anything what is wrong withit
I have filled the coolant but the engine is over heating. Does the radiator have another filling area?
The car shakes a little when started but then runs smoothly wanted to know what causes that and what can happen to car if not attended to
So the "Check Brake LIghts" warning has come on. I have no brake lights at all--either left, right, or center. I checked the bulbs in right and left light assemblies. I checked and even replaced the brake light fuse located in the glove box. The problem is still there. Please advise.
I have to unplug the battery to shut the lights off is this an expensive fix
2001 525i code51
2001 bmw 525i
I hear this is a common problem with 2001 525i
Car shifts and no slip but when clutch is depressed to the floor makes a terrible racket.
Sensor where is it and how do I replace it
when we're driving at night the high beams flicker on and off. when we shut the car off the high beams still go on and off throughout the night. thinking maybe a short. I have no owner manual
Check engine indicator light is on. I thought I was out of fuel as was running on fumes. When I added more fuel the next day it ran fine for 15 mins then the same thing happened.
Central locking system works, but I can't open drivers side door from the outside.
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