1995 BMW 525i Questions

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when I accelerate my bmw seems to choke a if it has no power it seems like the gears catch better on Sport(S) then on Drive (D) and when I come to a stop it just stays "wondering" and then it catches gear. and rcently when I come to a quick sudden stop it turns off, Im not sure what this can mean could it be the fuel injectors? this only happens when I accelerate and come to a stop. any ideas? I really love this car and I want to get it fixed
Check engine light stays on but i see no change in the car, it runns fine.Is it true, It most likey is the spark plugs. And if that is so, If i change them, will the light go back out.
It appears that the height of the front seat belt anchor is adjustable. If so how do you adjust it?
The doors were working fine until mechanic fixed drivers side front and rear windows. Now drivers lock won't lock except from inside, when I lock on the passenger side manually the hazard blikers come on. and have to manually lock all locks
any idea what is the problem maybe ecu or fuel pump and i have a 156,000 miles on it
i just bought mt bmw 525i i drive sometimes to work but when i go back home my car stall and never start again but it cracking but it would stsrt what cause of problem do this problem please help
the battery was changed and the radio was reset. the cd changer reads disk error - all 6 cd slots have cds.
i just bought a 1995 bmw 525i and it did not come with the driver's manual book does any one know how i can get it online for free
Where is the cabin air filter located
i think on 1995 BMW 525i won't start engine that anti Theft Radio is Locked i just remove radio Serial Number Back F40310216B can get code for radio this car Vin Number WBAHD5225GB77159 That battery gone dead did radio reset again lost the code on car it don't have card in the car.
Please sent me a code for radio i need get running engine
need radio help
My neighbor backed a dump trailor into the left front corner of my BMW 525i and pushed it 16-20 inches backwards. Is there fuel shut off that would keep the car from starting?
I have a 1995 BMW 525i with 146k miles. I am looking at replaing the struts and shocks as the ride is getting a bit soft. Should I also change the springs? At what point should the springs be replaced?
have a 1995 525i station wagon dual sun roof does not work want to fix where should i start and what should i do to try to fix it
lock on door will not lock with key, but if i set in car and push lock all the doors will lock
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