1995 BMW 525i Questions

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It came on very suddenly. If acceleration is faster it seems to minimize the issue. I am noticing now it does it occasionally right as I start 2 - 5 MPH. It clearly feels like a transmission issue.
My car cranks up when it wants to, could this be related to the oxygen sensor or three way catalytic converter because my battery good
my car produces too much exhaust smoke every time i ignite it and continues for over a mile of also leaks coolant and overheats too fast.mechanic does not seem to be able to fix it.Help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i have broken key
my gearshifter won't go to drive, it just goes to reverse and park. What do you think is wrong with it?
how can i change the spark plugs for bmw 525i 1955
how do u change a rear brake senor do u need a special tool or what thank u please help
My 1995 BMW 525i needs the lifters replaced. I was told that you need a special tool to remove the lifters is this correct?. If so where can you get this tool? Any help would be appreciated. Also I need to replace the clutch.
how do you get the drivers door handle assembly out??
there is a rod for the lock and it has come off. how do you get the door hanle out so I can re-attach the lock rod???
just started doing this and I have stop driving the car.
I have a 1995 525i. It vibrates when I am at speeds between 45-60 then it stops vibrating and returns when I am slowing down between those speeds.
I have replaced all 4 tires with balancing and laser alignment. It has new rotors and brake pads. Any suggestions?
I own a 1995 525i BMW. what is the high pitch tone coming from my ac/heater control panel. It occurs when I turn on the engine and goes away after a few minutes. Sometimes it continues for while even when the engine is turned off. There is a little speaker grill on the control panel.
how to recharge Air Condition freon
where is cabin air filter and how to replace it
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