1994 BMW 525i Questions

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I've lately encounter horrible issue. I parked my car, locked my steering wheel in the forward direction of the wheels, turned the car off and left. Afterwards, as usual, I tried to jiggle the wheel around to find to which direciton it goes, found it goes a little to left, well I turned left and wanted to turn the key but key didn't turn....I thought it is ok but after trying that with different sequences more than a damned hour I end up trying hopelessly...I can't understand what the hell is wrong with this trash...key seems just fine, no damages no issues, neither damages could be found on the actual wheel but it just wont turn!
it makes a noise coming from the rear of the car when I put it in gear but wont catch to take off
Tried turning on and off the car - no help. Any other way to reset flashing problem?
how do you change out the brake resevoir grommets that attach it to the master cylinder
Its a 1994 BMW 525I
I recently bought this vechicle from a family member an when I drive the car it smokes alot. It comes from the back the gas pipe. I put oil in it an it seems to not smoke as bad please help me? NO CHECK ENGINE LIGHTS ARE ON.
Check engine light comes on and goes off.
car ran great when 1st purchased, decided to balance tires and rotate. problems started. front end alignment with all new bushings and all new shocks with everything replaced..still have manual says says 15" wheels....have 17's.. could this be the problem? as this car is going to be my daughter's
i've looked everywhere. My transmission is slipping. I need an answer like yesterday.
my car acts like it wants to turn over but doesnt i was told to go bang the startwer to see if it helps what do i do
I had the tires rotated and balanced and now when driving after hitting 60+MPHs and slowing down the wheels shake and shutter.
is it possible to adjust my shift gear shifter moves past the gear selected lighting the next gear and i have to gently move it up or down to align it,also my gear changes slip sometimes slightly.
Online says that the module is located in the middle of the ECU an ABS module. My car does not have a module in the center. Where is it an how does it look?
My 94 Bmw is overheating, i recently put a new head gasket in it, a new radiator, thermostat. It is still over heating dont know what the problem can be
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