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I just changed the fuel pump and got the car running yesterday but during and before the fuel pump was replaced (so in the key on engine off position) the "check" light is always flashing.
The car is a product of sitting up and it has a total loss of power at the drivers bay,seats instrument panel,or other powered add on.The odometer,tach ometer are out,and not working at al?Thanks for help,thanks.
I went to get a brake and lamp inspection done and the guy said it wont pass because the anti brake light will not stay on. The car was off, he then set it to reverse, and tried to turn the car back on. The car didn't turn over, but all the dash lights came on and stayed on except the anti brake light. The guy then told me it could be as simple as a sensor or a light bulb, or it could be something worse, but the light needs to stay on when the car is set like this or else i cant pass you. I cant really afford to much and i need this to be done asap so i can finally get this thing put in my name. If anyone knows what to do, or if theyve run into a similar problem and have a quick fix, please, Id really appreciate the advise. Thank you.
When shocks are worn out, oil often leaks out. What color is the oil?
The leak is near the front left tire.
leaking red fluid at front left
My car creaks when im driving and while in park I turn the steering wheel left or right it creaks sounds like a rusty door hinge
the blower works. at first heat will come out but it turns cold after awhile
tires whent bad less then 2500ml. mec. said struts are bad what kind should I use?
air conditioner works but the air comming out is low.heater dosn'nt work but still the fan dose'nt blow strong
I just replace my front brake pad on my car, now the brake peddle just goes to the floor, I have pumped the brakes and still to the floor.
where is the transmission control module found on this car?Please help me to locate this part
when temp is set to hot cold air blows
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