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M50 engime
Just recently my transmission program light came on and it will not go in first gear. im going to be taking it to a mechanic and i dont want to get ripped off. do i need a transmission or is it a sensor or something else. the other gears still switch just fine and runs perfect after i get to 20 moh
key lost havent got another
front passenger window.
How Do You Charge A 1992 BMW 525i, With A Battery Charger? Where Are The Positive Terminal Located Under The Hood?
when i go over bumps there is a shimmy in my steering, and when i go to turn right there is a low pitched groaning that sounds like its comming from the suspension, at higher speeds no sound, left side only makes the sound when turning hard and then not very loud. problem also seems to be worse in morning when its 45 degrees out
my harzard came on by themselves after slaming on the breaks and i cant figure out how to get them ton turn off
coolant level message received, but level is up. not sure of ratio of water to coolant. gauge reads approx 25% highway / up to 45% city. never reaches over 50% position. no leaks found. no steam. no smell.

any ideas?
when car is on constant heat by feet of driver & passenger need to have air conditioner on
when I start the car a strong gas smell hits the drivers side lingers on for about 15-20 minutes have to have all windows open in the car
How do I get it out of security mode??

Car starts and runs find buy hot wiring it - jumpping off at the starter???
then transminnon goes into nutruel
some say yes n others ssay u dont have to. interested in this car but have not went n looked at it yet.
I bought a good used two light assembly from the wrecking yard. Part matches exactly. Both lights are NAL. I have the assembly in the car loose but something still holding it in?
Cant get the turn signal lens assembly out either. The metal trim that runs along the bumper and surrounds the two "BMW" grilles is a mystery to remove also. Either of these removed I believe I can get the head lights out. Help!
i buy the fan clutch bcause the fan is run too sloow but when i try the changed is imposible take the part out what i can doit
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