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My coolant light flashes when I turn off my car, but when I check the level it's. Perfect
I just bought a 1991 bmw 525i and it just will not go in drive but goes in reverse can someone please give me some good advice
How to , how hard
i ran out of gas in my BMW 1991 525i i put gas in it and it still won't start it just turns and sounds like it wants to but it wont it just passed smog less then a week ago and c.h.p expection. and runs really good as well great on gas. since i ran out of gas it wont start
Greg's Auto...Question about total check of coolant system outlined yesterday in my request for help...I replied today to your suggestion about hydracarbons in system...I ment to
ask you about the lack of heat up to the system's Rad return
hose. System totally in play...ran engine to operating temp...about 210...checked the top feeder rad was about normal temp...Checked Rad return no heat. However, when I disconect the return hose and run engine coolant flows through hose and heats up as the temp goes up
in the engine while running...THE RAD RETURN HOSE REMINING
COOL TO THE TOUCH HAS BE COURIOUS. Also, as noted in my first
scream for HELP...With cooling system totally hooked up and the engine off...I opened the Rad Cap...squeez the feeder hose and it forces coolant out of the cap opening...I squeezed the lower return hose...the same happens it forces coolant out the Rad Cap as well....That tells me that the return hose and radiator are not blocked...Right or Wrong.

Heat up issue cont...New w-pump, therostat, flushed engine, system bleeding done. At operating temp. car rad has pressure. Re-flushed engine...while doing so discontect return rad hose...ran water through sytem...pumps out re-turn When I hook all hose up, bleed system and
run...found top feeder rad hose get normally hot...However, the return hose remains cool?? Odd cuz while checking return hose out put while disconnected the coolant flows through motor. System hoses hook up...both get hard can't squeez them. Stop engine with hoses hook up...squeez them both...pressure from each does push coolant up and out the open rad cap??? Does any one have any thoughts on this problem? Car from motor cold to about 2 miles out hits RED
zone...Temp of motor at that point is valid...HOT!!!!
Car was running fine...yesterday go about 1 mile and the motor would heat up to RED zone. Water pump and termostat
changed a week ago. That corrected earlier heat up issue. I
thought I had it resolved...Now, I noticed when turning on the inside heat it doesn't blow as hot as it use to...Prior to heat up after new water pump and thermostat. Any one know what might be the problem.

NOTE: I am still looking for what took my tail lights and dash lights out...All fuses good...hood and rear seat. Checked trunk wire harness...can not find wire break???? If
any one knows what harness I should be checking in the trunk bundles/ lines with multi wires run back there on the left side of the trunk as you are looking in. Which bundle the BIG or the smaller of the two bundles. Also, advise which color of wires whould I pay most attention to? direct contact. Zip...thanks for the leads on checking out the light issues...So far no find.

gsum direct hit.
Two days ago...dash lights and one tail light(left) were fine...Dash message told me tail light out...The right on was. Removed the light shocket on the right side...replaced 10w sliver base bulb
rated for BMW replacement for tail light. As I was replacing the bulb socket back into body port
all went black...Now I have NO tail lights and NO
dash lights. I assume that a short must have been created as I was placing the right bulb socket back into the body cavity that holds the buld and socket. I also assume that the metal contact points at the top of the right bulb socket must have shorted some way??? All I know is I have no
tail or dash lights. All fuses show OK?? Does any one have a resolve for my problem??? I get no warning message on the panel indicator. Again 1991 BMW 525i automatic Any one can hit me direct at or post back on blog board...
Don't have the owners manual, finding a repair manual is expensive. It's not entirely obvious with the air filter going in vertical rather than horizontal on these models.
I want to purchase this car but before i do, i want to know how much a tune-up job would run me?
how do I replace the turn signal lens? Is it part of the whole assembly or separate
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