1990 BMW 525i Questions

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The windows, door locks and the sun roof are not working.My car has been at a BMW dealer seen Aug 4 and they still haven't found the problem I,m getting no feed back from them.when I call and leave a message for the service person that is handling my car he dose not return my calls.this is the only BMW dealer here.
I have a 1989 525i, when I step on the accelerator the car does not go anywhere, what is causing this?
Can I use Dex/Merc auto-trans fluid in my standard 5 speed 1990 BMW 525i?
Just happened and i want to see if its something i can fix on my own.
how do i take out the fan to the water pump for a 1990 bmw 525i
how do i take out the fan out the water pump to change the water pump out of a 1990 bmw 525i
Changed the distribtir cap and rotor on a 1972 BMW Bavaria and not won't run. Where is #1 cylinder on the cap?
For maintenance purposes, replaced distributor cap, rotor, spark plugs and wires. Car was running fine before. Now motor turns but won't start. I'm sure wiring is same as before. One thing, new spark plug wires are not Bosch but came with rings numbering each wire and therefore, guided myself to that.
aux fan not woking i checked fan with power probe it works that way under the hood the relays are not labled. the haynes repair book do not help much????????
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