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It appeared and said stop driving due to electrical then went away for awhile then things started going crazy my speedometer stopped...rpms stopped...gas needle jumps from full to empty and radio dashboard goes out and comes back on ..service engine light is on ... blinkers will turn on randomly also but the actual car runs!!
power comes on but starter won't engage. theres a loud ticking coming from the glove /fuse box,even with out key . Ticking comes on then stops for a second before coming back. Battery cables and grounding strap do not appear to be corroded. there are no dtc stored. i have audio and video of the clicking
1st the door lock relay's were bad, then car was sluggish, then lost power. It's in the shop for the 2nd time (9 day's) now. Today they are programming the DME. The car only had around a 100 miles on it when I bought it brand new (paid cash)....I'm concerned about re-occuring problems in the future....I'm not technical enough to keep up with the rush and brush off answers.....I'm afraid I bought a lemon....any help you can give me to understand what the DME does and has there been any other BMW's like mine with the same problem, I'd appreciate it.
Thanks....Grannie Gertz
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