2006 BMW 330xi Questions

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did not know it was going bad. very little indication when starting car.

Dealer said it was going bad
Since buying the car we have had battery issues. Had the battery programmed to the alternator, no luck. Seems to be a parasitic draw. Bmw dealer said it needs a new jdm console.
Was running fine then one day seemingly out of the blue it started stalling when idling or coasting. I pumped the gas and the clutch to keep me from stalling and get me to work. As soon as i got to work, parked & let the engine run. It didnt stall, enginge starting reving on its own going up to 2000 or 3000 rpms and back down again.
On the drive home couldn't get any power to the engine. Wouldn't go over 1500 rpms. Parked it, now its cranking but won't start.
Bought a bmw code reader, pulling different codes everytime, mostly related to throttle control issues.

Adjuster for the intake manifold was broken, replaces that with no luck. Also cleaned out the computer.

Please point in the right direction. My fiance is a mechanic, but not bmw. Can't afford to have it in and out of the shop, can't trade it in if its not running!!!
I have to replace valvetronic actuator gasket ,eccentric shaft sensor seal gasket,o/f housing gasket,bmw valve cover gasket,valve cover gasket bolts,and change spark pugs on a BMW 330xi 2006 manual....
I have to turn car off ,and wait for time out on the window power....the turn car on,(reapply power) then switch/button widow up, other wise I can here the motor trying to keep the window there a limit switch?
the rear passenger side? Now after body damage fixed my car is making a serious noise in the front left. The person who hit me was on the rear passenger side that damaged the rear wheet that had to be replaced. Please help, the person who hit me her insurance company is giving me tough time and saying it is not due to accident. My car was not making any such noise before the accident and had all four new tires with less than 1000 miles on each. I appreciate your answer and time.
After a big rain storm, we started the car and the speakers made a fuzzy crackling sound and then stopped working. The dealership said the amplifier needs to be replaced. I am wondering if this is the most likely diagnosis, and how much it should cost. They said the part is very expensive but the labor is not much.
Lately, hearing a squeak in front driver's side tire every time the vehicle is moving. Every time the wheel gets to a certain rotation tire it seems to make a noise and it's starting to increase in notability. Have removed the tire but did not see any possible leaks. Also, tried shaking tire to see if it was the tire rod, but it seemed to be solid. It does not seem to be the brakes since the noise does not occur/intensifies when braking. I think it might be the hub bearings but still would like to hear from others.
My key will not go back into the ignition- the car will start with the key inside of the car, with pressing the start button and depressing the brake pedal-the icon shows up as a key with a slash across it. tried a spare key also-is it ok to drive like this? what happened? tried a spare key as well...same result.
How do I turn off the passenger side airbag for a child safety seat which I must put in the front seat?
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