2005 BMW 330xi Questions

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alternator is bad, the battery is good, it's reading 12.3 volts, the alternator reading 11.1 volts.
replace intake a year ago and went to crank it this morning blow intake again
Resevoir is full, and light still on. Sometimes it goes off, but generally remains on.
I turned in to a parkinlot and it felt like my tire was comming off and a loud noise came from the left side of the car and came to a stop and wont move every time I put my foot on the gas it wont go and I get loud noises .
My passenger head light suddenly stopped working. We thought that it may be the light bulb. We replaced the bulb with a working one and it still does not work. We were advised by a mechanic that he "thinks" that the ballast needs to be replaced. Does this ballast have replaceable components or does the part need to be replaced completely. We were told that the part is $200 to $300. I did see online that it looks like there may be ceramic fuses that go inside this ballast. Has anyone ever had this issue? The information that we received was not from the BMW repair shop. BMW will charge $120/hr to diagnosis the issue and then an additional parts fee.
My Service engine soon light came on. I had the code read and it was PO 492. What does it mean and what is the first thing I should check.
how do I take the door panel off to fix my window?
How can I reset the oil service indicator myself using the trip button and turning on the key
My brake pad warning light is on even after our brake pads, rotory's, and axle boot was replaced. We also had new tires put on. How can we get this light to reset?
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