2002 BMW 330xi Questions

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the signal lights outside still work front and rear. is this a fuse?
Runs perfect then when stop starts missing and has no power won't shift rite and continues this until car sets for awhile and then runs good for a little while
Feel it most when accelerating especially up hill. Believe vibration is in front.
i bought a 2002 330xi and had it for three days, i noticed it shifted hard into second gear but today i was driving uphill and i just lost power. it felt like the transmission was slipping, i was still able to accelerate but just about half as fast as normal. a light on the dash came on that was like a gear with a "!" inside of it. it did this then when i turned off the car for about 10 minutes it stopped doing that. and then it did it again and when i shut the car off again it stopped, any help witht this thankyou.
Only the red battery light comes on. No other lights on the panel as described in some of the questions. I presently have the battery charging. Is it possible it's the battery or could it be another issue?
where is it located at im really having issues
I have replaced strutts before, just never on a BMW.. Not sure if there is a big difference or not.. Never replaced a control arm, im sure I can figure it out.. Just wanna know how much of a headache its going to be.
The car's engine revs normally but it does not move at all. When I put the car in gear it does not feel as if it's gone in gear.
what do about the bushings being eccentric?
What's a reasonable cost for replacing ball joints for both wheels?
all gauges etc normal. sometimes air will not work and there is an odor of burning rubber .. other times works fine. when not working engine compartment gets very hot
I keep getting a light that comes on. Don't have manual it looks like a tank with low liquids. Do you know which light Im talking about. It could be the cooling light. So just add 50/50 coolant.
code after engine scanned : po 604 ,po 1619, po 0340, po 128
can anyone tell waht this codes mean and parts that need to be replaced ?

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