2006 BMW 330i Questions

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Turned the car off for five minutes, went back outside and all of a sudden won't start.
I even checked the fuses
My car all the just would not start. I put my obd on it to see what was going on an it states. Ignition low voltage.
it has a cover over it and there is a strange noise coming from it. sounds like a ticking noise but almost like a water noise . car wasn't even running
My transmission malfunction light pops on and once in a while my car will jerk especially going up a hill why is this happening
What are the symptoms of a cracked head on the BMW 330i
Just wanted to know if it shorts anything out when you get a jump directly from the battery
My friend didn't know any better and kept trying to start it and belt wrapped up to the motor bad .we replaced belt but it don't make a sound when try to start bought new battery
Everytime I drive my 2006 BMW 330i I hear a squeaking noise that sounds like its coming from my right side rear seat... Anyone else experiencing this or have any ideas on the source? Thx.
come on. it was filled last night and by the time I drove home 7 miles. the light came on again.
How do you reset the service engine light soon on a 2006 330i e90
As soon as I installed the lights in the trunk a fuse blow. My navigation not working nor glove box and trunk lights. Can someone tell me the fuse that's blow? I don't want to pull 50 fuses to find the one
Radiator fan is working, heater not working. No external cooling leaks.
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