2004 BMW 330i Questions

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my speedometer and mpg on my 330i zhp is not working my cruise does work some are saying my abs module could be bad , any help please
Sounds similar to noise tires on trucks make on interstate. I have been told its the tires and maybe wheel bearing.
Whenever it sits sometimes for less than 1 day...I changed out my battery and it still dies.
The engine cranks and eventually starts but it takes time. This only occurs if it has not been used for hours, because it will start normally after just being driven. After starting the idle is erratic for about a minute before it catches to where it should be. The car drives fine after that. There was one instance in which the Transmission light came on also on a very cold morning and it rode horribly when i slowed down. This only happened once and since then it has not happened again. I have heard so many things that it might be. MAF, crankshaft sensor, fuel pressure, battery, etc....Anybody experience similar problems?
does anyone have an idea what the problem might be here... my 04'330i started to stall when going over 40, driving power is very low when i accelerate and i hear a rattling noise under the car. the service engine light is on. please help, i just got laid off a bout 3 months ago and i'm struggling here.
Where can I find the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule for a 2004 BMW 330i?
My car is over heating when i stop on red light (after 15 to 30 mile) and if drive again it come to normal what could be the problem please responce me please please!
I recently have noticed some white smoke that comes when I stop at a light from the passenger side. I have check fluids and they are all normal. There is a slight burning smell from the engine too.
I need to ad some collant and cant budge the cap. Where do I ad the coolant
Just had my car serviced and the radiator lite come on twice . Is the system closed?
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