2002 BMW 330i Questions

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Temp Guage not going hot, replaced thermostat 4 months ago, so I don't think it's thermostat.
The temp was fine, no warning lights came on. I pulled over and it kept smoking. Drive it home, it smoked intermittently. it sat for a few days. A mechanic looked at it, and couldn't get it to smoke again. I drove it to work today, made it about 15 minutes into the drive, and it started smoking really bad again. White smoke. What could it be?
I want upgrade my 330i to six speed manual please advise
I know that my BMW has front wheel drive, but I always wondered why is it that most models of the BMW I have always gets the front rims of the wheels dirty just driving on a regular cement road.
feels heavy when driving, replaced fuse keeps on blowing it out as soon as I turn on the car.
Hi how are you , in my car bmw 330i I can't reset the oil service light
I try so many times
It's going more than5200 km
what needs to be fixed and what"s the cost?
what do you think is wrong iwth the car
The last time I had it done it was OK but car still pulls to the right. What else could be causing this?
After driving for a while it will jerk going from 3rd into 2nd gear I replaced the transmission with a rebuild on and it is doing the same thing BMW claims it is not the transmission control unit what else could it be???? i am getting frustrated, other than that the car runs great , can someone think of anything else it could be, or had the same problem? Thanks CG
brand new pump always makes the noise
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