2001 BMW 330i Questions

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Still no power to computer monitor and radio
Why will it not move in gear
My AC is not working just completely stopped
I got the repair parts a few months ago to fix it and it has already broken again, leaving me locked out of the car and the car sitting in a parking lot as it is Sunday and no one is open.
Well in a 1/4 of a mile I ran my BMW 330i to 6000rpm. And it started leaking once I pulled in my drive way. What is the case of the leak? It is leaking below the engine. Is it a hose that came off?
How much will cost me to replace the rear differential mounts, labor + parts...?
A new starter, how much is it
It was driving fine I parked it and came back to turn it on and car will fire up be at a low idle and than turn off quick , after I did that a couple times car doesnt turn on at alll now
Not unlock. Help!!
it happens every now and then. wat could cause this strange behavior
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