2001 BMW 330Ci Questions

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Ive made sure the gas cap was on tight until it clicked but the light wont go off. I need to get it smogged. What could be yhe ptoblem and how could i fix it

entire fan assembly kit is $500. this model was recalled for the same thing but my vin doesnt come up. Is there anyway to replace just the sensor to power the fan?

the radio working normal ,but the buttons on the steering wheel are off ,i think no power reaching them ,,if there a fuse which responsible for them tell me the number

even replaced hoses from Mass airflow back to throttle body which they had cracks.

my emergency light are turning on by them selves, at times they don't want to turn off... please help!

wondering if there is some kind of sensor that overrides the heater/ a/c operation with the top down? I like to be able to blast some a/c when its a little too hot or heat when its chilly.

I recently took my car to the shop for oil change and they forgot to put enough oil( it was only two Quarts of oil). Now since then I heard some noises from the motor and the ENGINE LIGHT came on, now I took it back and they told me I have missfire, so they gave these codes PO300, 1344, 1347, 125, 306, 301, 1350, 302. Now they said that it has nothing to do with the motor running low in oil. So I would like to know if it's true or what can I do in this case??? Thank you for your time...

My cars engine cooling fan has stopped working, when opening the hood it smells burnt and it eats my antifreeze in one day. Was wondering how much it would cost to replace with an aftermarket fan would be put in.

convertible trunk lid wiring