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That piece is loose and making a rattling sound
i have a renualt logan 2012 (it called l90 in iran and made here).when i want to change to higher gear and push the cluth ,the rmp drop to fast and when i push gas the car dont go smoothly and have shakes.what is the problem then?
and when car is standed,if i push gas,when gas return i have shakes and it like the car is going to turn off!
is any thing related to the Throttle body or its sensor?
and no error is in diag
(sorry for bad english)
I was driving to work two months ago and the moror just started bouncing around almost dying... finally got to work almost in limp mode at the end of the day I brought it to a local shop and they couldn't find any codes wrong in the motor they wanted to replace the motor after finding no compression in the first and third chambers.. so I had it towed from that shop because they wanted to replace the motor I was thinking there's too few miles on that motor to be replaced so I had it brought to BMW of Riverside and they want nine hundred bucks just to lower the oil pan... and also found out there was a recall on an inline oil line they won't replace it cuz it's out of warranty and they want past records which I don't have of my oil changes should I have a brought somewhere else.... I hear they don't make 328i Motors anymore for some reason
I hit a small animal which knocked my left foglight out. The chassis stabilization light came on right afterwards. Now a transmission light is on. Related? I have had the vehicle 2 days. Bought from a very reputable dealer in Savannah, GA.
Specifically the horn and door locks via comfort access features
flood level:knee length
Car: BMW 3.28i (F30)
Year: 2012
After waiting for 2 mo. for my 328i to arrive,finally got it 2 weeks ago.For the last week it has been in the dealer repair shop b/c according to the mechanic "after working back and forth w. BMW they told us the problem might be in the transmission oil tank.....first one to see w this situation at this BMW" A new transmission will be send within the next week.
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