2011 BMW 328i Questions

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I don't really have lots of problems. It has been running very good and a month ago noticed oil dripped in the garage floor.

Needs to have a mechanic check car bumper to bumper before purchase? At what cost will my friend expect to have an independent mechanic charge?

I have been putting in Premium since day 1 but would it matter if I didn't?

IM trying to locate the AUX connector to replace

When im going on low speeds it stalls


I bought my car new and yes it has very low mileage but what's the deal. They say the air bag has something to do with it but the bottom line is the computer something or other has to be replaced and will cost $750

How much cost should I pay to fix auto lock/unlock access of my driver side left door? I heard I need a fuse to fix it.
I want to know the estimate cost if I bring my car to an auto repair shop.

I drive a 2011 BMW 328i and the last couple weeks I have noticed an issue where when I first start up my car after not using it for some period of time(few hours) I start driving around and once I put my foot on the brake and come to a complete stop with my foot firmly on the brake the car rpm starts jumping up and I can feel my car continuously lurch forward until i release the brake. This only happens when my car is in Drive. If i switch it to neutral the rpm jump stops happening. I'm really confused about why this could be happening and if you have any insight it would be great to hear.

It feels as if the engine is not getting fuel when it tries to accelerate from a stop, or when I am driving slow in traffic. Problem is constant.

BMW 328i 2011 4dr 6 cyl aut. 96k miles Worth it? Any advise before buying?

The car interior is in great condition. it looks almost new. I am tempted to buy it but I am concern of the high mileage. Any good advise will be appreciated! Thanks!