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2010 bmw 328i it randomly loses electrical power so nothing turns on ,no lights, car won’t start nothing. But all of the sudden after a few hours it gains electricity and starts normally
The diagnostic and to install a new fuel filter cost, if I was to check you guys out.. I see you guys are pretty from where I live..
I'd never botherd checking to replace my gas fuel filter. I Bought it used 2010 328i.. So I was wondering if I should look into replacing that part if needed?
I start it then drive a while then turn it off go in the store come out try to start it and it wouldn't start. Try Irene three more times and it started. Almost like battery was dead.
I brought in my 2010 BMW 328i to check the alignment, as it drifts slightly left. Mechanic said front lower control arms (forward) bushings are cracked and causing arm to shift, and should be replaced before fixing the alignment. My car has 55,000 miles. Is this a typical, maintenance repair? What is the usual cost for such a repair?
My fan wont blow, my cart only has 77k on it. when i first got it the fan was loud, then it just quit working. I ordered a new blower motor and replaced everything and it still wont work. Is it the final stage resistor switch? Parts store will not let me send it back if I am wrong in assuming this is the issue and it turn out to be something else. HELP!
then when I drove off,it made a loud whistling noise and wanted to stall when I got to a stop.The revs were dropping also.the whistling noise got quieter when I accelerated.Once I let off just slightly,it got loud again.
I pulled over and switched the engine off for five minutes,when i restarted the car,all was back to normal.THis has happend once before,car rocked when started,but whistling noise started once car was!!
what is the master light switch and what does it do
sometimes when we get in the car the window will keep going up and down for a long time like it still is trying to let the pressure out of the car. then we will drive down the road and it will start acting up again. now our battery is dead we feel it is because this problem has caused the battery to get low while in the gargage.
Let someone drive my car, they accidentally burned out the clutch....any trusted mechanics in the area that could do the repair for less than the dealership? Does anyone know what it would cost if done at the dealership?
Driver side a/c vents 20 degrees higher than passenger side
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