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the lower boot has a nipple . with a vacuume small hose where does that connect too. and also on the other side the valve cover has a nipple to .. the car has along crank when i want to start . and whistle like crazy ...
Whenever I do hard braking I can feel 1 twitch in steering wheel.
Had a oil change and car started leaking around valve cover gasket and also the oil pan gasket this is according to the shop where I had the oil changed at. The car has never leaked a drop before. When it first started ( day after the oil changed) it leaked a lot for a few days now just a few drops I have checked it and oil level is ok. Car does not have dip stick.
When stopped at red light or in idle position the car shakes.
Last night while I was on a call, my control display suddenly went bright red and then blank. I could not make calls, listen to my radio, navigate...basically, nothing worked that my iDrive controlled. Is this a fuse issue or something worse? How much is something like this going to cost me?
I called BMW about 3 times because I smelled burning oil. the BMW said I had to use the AC, and not circulate the air. I smelled it when I turned the engine on but as I drove away it got better. However, today I moved it slowly and it began making white smoke. Now they want to charge me more than a thousand to change the piece.
Groaning noise when turning corners
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All the time. I wonder if it related
Car has idling problems when A/C is on and sitting still after about 5 to 10 minutes. It feels like the engine wants to shut down. hesitation last only a few seconds and not consistent. Happens less frequent without A/C on. No diagnostic codes logged during fault.
After coming home from a trip, (there had been heavy rain two days before, but nothing in the car was wet), we found the windows down, and top window vent was open and the car was locked. First time occurrence.
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