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This is the first time it has happened. My steering wheel wont lock and there is no clicking from engine. All the lights work but it just won't crank.
hello question...i have 2008 bmw 328i sport my problem is...turn on the a/c and the blower running very fast whats is the problem,.....i need to replace the coolant sensor and where is the location
why won't anything comes on in my car, I just drove my car last night. now I insert my key in the ignition put my feet on brakes try to push start it and now want make any sound at all nor my lights would not come either so please tell me whats causing this problem with my 2008 BMW 328 i. I need to know what will cause this problem, and if my battery was low why didn't it show up in my dash on last night. I got up this morning and notice this problem with my car. I want to know what other ways could anything possibly could be the problem in why it would say anything nor make a sound neither the lights at all. sorry but everything is completely dead!!!
no crank . batt was replaced 2 months ago was running fine then one day no start
what can i do? crank but no start! A0B3 fault & (plugs and injectors no power)

mechanical says it caused by ECU?

please advice
Before engine heat sign was not there but the steam was coming out a lot , after I changed my radiator , two hoses and one other hose last week , today it again showing the low coolant sigh and even engine over heat sign . And the car stopped in the middle of highway , I added water in it after engine cooled down , but it's leaking even faster form right back part of the engine , what could be wrong with it , please help me ,
Loose when I hit a bump
Is there anything I can do to open without having to fix it at the shop?
What can be wrong when car stalls when driving & smokes occasionally when I start it up? I have a 2008 BMW 328i
The battery will not hold date and time at all from turning car on to next time car is turned on; Has battery cable recall compromised battery? Shouldn't BMW be liable for new battery?
1.Battery cable connection at the fuse block &
2. side air bag safety tension may not deploy These recalls I'm concern about if they had been repaired
I bought the car in February 2015.
No problems other than when i have to slow to a stop(idoling) it seems like its gonna shut off, runs really bad . otherwise runs great. Abs lite is on. What might this cost to repair. Im moving to ky in aug. Plz help
My remote works to unlock all doors when pressed but the comfort lock on the driver's side does not respond to the touch. The passenger side works fine with the same remote - and to the touch. Batteries are new, and pressing the remote from a distance unlocks both doors and trunk. Two different remotes obtain the same results. Problem started two weeks ago but was sporadic. Now consistently fails.
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