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I have check all fuses and wires going to the blubs everything has power but the lights on that side are not going on . Also trying to fix this problem now my trunk won't pop with the key .
I have replaced the water pump, thermostat and radiator. Still the coolant light comes on and wont drive. Did a chemical test and no coolant found.
have checked battery and its charged it does nothing when you try and start it
Whenever I come close to putting on my brakes my car starts shaking. And when I'm driving my car pulls to one side.
The car seems to be in good conditions. But i have my doubts if its a good idea or a good price for it?
It will start but has a whinnying sound. Is it the timing chain
a month ago he ran up on a curb and messed up rim and control arm. so today we took new rim to have put on. he went to start it and it was dead put battery charger on it and it started right up problem is it won't stay running keeps shutting off its sounds to me like its not getting gas or missing i could be wrong tho and you can hear power steering when turning wheel
Car runs good win light is off...gear warning light .goes away win shutting car off and restarting it..code p17ec..
Also an ! In a small triangle next to parking gear light.that doesnt go away...
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Restaring engine .usauly fixes it.
How long have you had this problem? A few weeks
Does it have to b reset
It stalls to turn on or once it's on and warms up it will turn on with no problem all day
Call won't start battery ok
Is there a difference between the two? The dealer also said I needed to replace the oil pan gasket because they found an engine oil leak - is that a necessary repair at this time, or can I just do the valve cover stuff now and the oil pan gasket later?
Also got a new battery what is it now?
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