2000 BMW 328i Questions

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when I turn the key over its not doing anything its not sparking at all but when I go to put the 67 in it blows it immediately
what exactly do I need to do or what do I need to replace andf is it gonna cost me a lot of money to do it
it did throw a code but all it said was speed sensor
I'm wondering how I can tell if its the bushing or the cv boot or if the whole left front axle assembly. I'd like to know more before I visit my mechanic.
After 1800 RPM whent acelerated needle go up and down engine Eml and center light on
Radiator fan not turning off draining battery
The muffler from getting hot if I'm going to drive through the fields to avoid a fire
To. Protect the muffler from getting hot is loose I don't really need that cover because I'm driving through the fields
The front passenger airbag light indicator is on and/or has malfuctioned. It was suggested that I replace the passenger seatbelt system which triggers the airbag deployment mechanism. Is this a possible solution to ensure safety and make sure the light goes off?
I need to bolts that are like right above the exhaust pipes or muffler that's all and how much is an oil change
I have replaced the brake light switch,re-grounded the bulb circuit board,replaced brake light bulbs they are still intermitting.I am trying to find the brake light relay......
problem just occurred june/8/14. window will not go up.
sometimes its the oil light, and the tranny light. the next time its the abs and temp.. driving me crazy... is this the computer or is the car needing a lot of work
wife left the light on and the battery died. I took battery out to charge. Car starts with spare key but not with the key with the alarm on it. AAA said i needed to reset the anti- theft but they did not know how???
I have a 2000 328i. I have had it since October 5th. Recently my headlights and right turn signal have been blinking. We thought it was the alternator but that wasnt it. My engine revs up when it is idle. Soon after my heat did not work. It only blew out cold air. Also my car started overheating and i would constantly put in more coolant. And finally it would cut off at stoplights occasionally.
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