1999 BMW 328i Questions

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Radio display reads "disabled". Just changed the battery in the car, also windows stopped working?? Is there a reset or something?
I just replaced the expansion tank. veh overheats. top hoses and fluid in tank are cold, while the rest of the veh overheats. is it the thermostat?
Yesterday while driving back from work I suddenly noticed the temp gauge is all the way up past the red zone, but did not see any signs that my bmw was overheating, was able to drive the car to my house, turned off the car and ehen started it again it did not go back to the red zone. Insected the car but did not notice any overheating signs. I am stumped and do not know why this happened. The car has 178,000 miles and is due for OIL service in about 1000 miles. I have also noticed that when I am cornering left or right I hear some noises or even when move the steering let or right when I start the car in the morning I hear the noise. Please help anyone. Thanks
The fuse card doesnt seem to match the fuses needed for my car
heater will not blow hot air
it stared going off an on just about two hours ago and then when out but if. I turn then off and give it a few mins they come back on I had some work done to that side the same problem happened about two years ago
My 99 328i has a check engine light on. I scanned the Car with a scanner that can scan for BMW propriety codes and it says the my thermostat is open. What are the potential issues if I keep driving the car with the check engine light?

My 1999 BMW 328i runs great then sometimes just shuts off. After a few minutes power cones back on and able to start. Absolutely no power at all when shuts off. Just like baterry has been disconnected. The clock actually will loose time. There is no code.
why is it that my doors won't lock or unlock from the outside of the door?
Has 12volts to fan module, also motor does run when voltage applied. How do i troubleshoot controls properly.
I have a BMW 328i 1999 and the right blinker will not turn off when I make a right turn it says on when I put the left bliner on it goes off but will come back on after I turn left.. very strange
how many hours of service does it normal take to replace head gasket??
Steering wheel feel lose and back end of the car also feels like it is lose
My car is going on this 12th year. Mechanic says that the
Oil Filter Housing needs to be replaced and the Alternater will
need to be pulled out to get to the Oil Filter Housing. When to Alternater
normally go? I am thinking that I can get an alternater for about $200 dollars and
the labor can be free since this item will be removed anyways? However, if alternaters
last 20 years then I will be wasting my money.

How do you shut off the alarm? This car's alarm has shut down the car. It will not start.
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