1999 BMW 328i Questions

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my brake lights turn on when I turn my car on , I already replaced the the brake pedal stop light switch but they go on when key is in position 2.
I have connected several different testers to car but car wont connect to the tester. I have also tried to reset the tester by disconnecting the neg. battery terminal. But check engine light remains on. even had a repair shop try to get a reading but same problem existed. Help is computer faulty or is it something else?
What can I do to first of all get the key out of the door
Shop indicates that the oil filter housing needs to be replaced because they warp, approx. $1000. Other threads seem to indicate the only the gasket needs replacement?
The window went down without a problem but now it won't roll back up.
Is there any marks or detail for me to set the timing on the cams n crank for me to set the timing without removing any spark plugs
I replaced the battery. Now every time I open the door alarm sounds and everything shuts down.
my car will not change properly
the fan/heat comes on automatically after being turned off - I'll turn it off again and it comes on...any thoughts?
Hi. I am deciding to buy a BMW 328i with 97K miles on it. When is the time for this car to change the belt? what is the approximate cost for it? Thanks.
my car will not start the battery is charged, when I try to start it makes a clicking noisie
I am getting the SRS light in my dashboard. Per peferming the SRS scan the problem is the Driver's side belt. How much labor in hours is reasonable to change the driver's side seatbelt?

hi my power steering went from making a grinding noise to now steering very tightly i looked under the hood and they appears to be power steering fluid leaking all over from one of the hoses. also does any one know how much firestone would charge to repair this?
recharged the battery, put the key in but won't crank, won't start
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