1999 BMW 328i Questions

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I took the starter off and replaced it with a new one and after putting in the new one it still won’t start but now when I try to start it it’s making a different noise then from when I first replaced the starter
is hitting plastic shroud and I see pieces of a belt and is running hot can anyone tell me what this might be
the car got into an low speed accident so the door needs to be replaced
Sound coming from rear end when or at end of each gear shift
Icon in little car showed washer fluid and still stayed after filling. And also shows icon of light bulb out in back tail light and they all work
Turns over great,has fuel pressure,just no spark?
Before I change it the car was driving fine it just had the red battery it won't turn on it just turn on the lights it only runs when they pass me jumping cables if I turn it off and let it run for 15min and I turn it off I won't start again untill they pass me jumping cables
i tried replacing a new fan but still the problem not solved, what am i suppose to do to address these big problem/
40 mph the engine losses power, when the ASC { auto stability control } is turned OFF it runs fine.The ASC light flashes during the power lose.BMW has a bulletin stating a problem with the TB, but did not give a solution on a repair? No codes have been retrieved. Thanks Claude.
p1470 leak diagonostic pump circuital electrical
I bought the car a couple of months ago and it doesn't have a key for the locking lug bolt and I don't have money to buy another one
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