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1998 BMW E36 328I 300,000 Miles My car is misfiring and giving me code PO302 Cylinder 2 Misfire and PO202 Injector Circuit/open Cylinder 2. I've replaced ignition coil 2, replaced all spark plugs, replaced fuel injector, cleaned MAF, checked for leaks, and it STILL misfires and has these codes. What else could be the reason? Is it the wiring harness or ecu? Please help
Seat does not move forward or back on the passenger side. I fixed the gear that was not working on the seat recline, but can't find anything on the longitudinal repair. Would like to just replace the gear box if possible. I was at the dealership today and inquired about it and they advised it was about a $600 repair. I asked the technician it is coule be fixed if I had the part and he said yes. Can you help guide me on what it would take, how to and where to get the parts?
1998 bmw 328i. 3 inch long hole in reservoir probable cause of overheating issue.
How long have you had this problem? present
The key just turns in it. My bf went to take it out but is having problems. Please help
Car failed smog inspection due to battery being daed for sometime but installed new battery
The car runs OK and I would like to squeeze a few more years out of it. I heard of some cheap fixes that an auto repair shop can do to pass the test. Would anyone know what do do, and where to have it done? I live in the Florida lower keys. Thanks.
Had the oil pan gasket replaced on my 1998 328i. Two days later I noticed oil was leaking again and was told by mechanic that the timing chain cover gasket was now leaking and needs to be replaced. Before I fork over another grand id like to know 1. if this issue should have been detected or 2. could be somehow caused by the previous repair.
the rear end apears to oversteer when entering curves and is unstable on straithaway when roads are wet
what needs to be checked?
water pump has been fixed
top hose of rad real hot,fan turning fine,steam from rear right of motor for awhile
I need to access the aux. fan fuse. I have remove the screws
but cant get the panel free.
The info screen under my raido on my 1998 328i for the past year or more has been saying "Brea light circuit see owners Manuel" but there has never been a problem with my break lights. recently they stopped working and i put in new bulbs and they still dont work, i checked the fuse for the break lights and it's good. any ideas on whats wrong?? :.(
eve..n if you start in 2nd, feels like 1st gear, if you put in 3rd, feels like neutral, no abs light is on
I removed all the required bolts etc and the breather hose. I tried to pry the cover off near the breather hose as instructed but the cover still wouldn't come off?? Please help, thank you!
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