1997 BMW 328i Questions

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My blower motor is on but will not blow outward. what else can i do?

my heat does not come on sometimes and then shuts on and off.

I have checked the fuses, one each left and right, and I already installed new bulbs. I'm not getting power to either bulb housing. And all other lights work throughout the car? I have only checked the fuse panel under the hood, is there another under the dash? either side? Thanks

It was running great before it was parked 8 months ago.

Window goes up crookedly, Motor works.If I fiddle with window it will getback on track but go up crookedly and make a banging noise so really never get it up unless I pull it up myself

Had a new housing and new cylinder lock installed. Now the fuel guage and the speedometer not working.Mileage count same as when I left shop. Everything worked fine before going in to the shop?? Did cluster test it works. But not when I start car only 2 guages not working

I put a new top on last year and a couple of months ago my top got stuck and I had to manually wind it close. It is not close completely and the light is blinking on the panel and it will open or shut

The car has duel heating control for driver side and passenger side and works fully on the passenger side but will only blow cold air weather its on normal hearing or a/c on the drivers side, this is also the same for the windscreen blower. Has any one had this before? Any solutions?

door lock buttons will not move up or down.

Hooked up an amp then it wouldn't start. Nothing hooked up now. Maybe a relay???

what could it be? I turn my air all the way up but no air is coming through the vents, if I am driving on the highway I get cool air coming through, not blowing through but I can feel that the air is cold as if the a/c were working just without the high pressure, so what different things could be wrong with my car? Thank you

I was checking the fuses. Ever since, it doesn't crank at all. First time this had happened. It was driving perfectly til this.

And replaced thermostat . Bled system to get air out. Now the heater only gets warm while driving, will not heat while idling. Blower works fine. Blows real good hot air while driving, then I stop and put in park and idle, no more heat. What could keep it from blowing hot air while idling?