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My key is missing the chip in it. Unable to start the car. Starter was replaced only to find out that wasnt the problem. Windows and lights work but when trying to start the car, no clicking sound can be heard. Now im pretty sure the car is in kill switch mode. And i am told the key needs to be replaced since the chip is gone.
need to reset the onboard computer
And he would like to know how would you solve the problem replacing it or how would we go about it
New throw out bearing the clutch looked good no play was real tight and firm. The driveline doesn't move
Serpentine belt broke.
I understand the flushing the entire system will harm your transmission. Therefore, how many quarts of fluid can I expect to extract from removing the pans and drain plugs? Do I need to drain and refill multiple to make clean. Since Dexron III-Mercon is the lifetime fill, and no longer available, What fluid can I use that won't destroy my transmission?
not to mix with wrong type is it synthetic or conventional?
How do I check if I am getting fire.
When I accelerate the is a click clack sound cominig from the left rear wheel
PO306, PO121, and PO133. I have done a bit of research on those 3 codes. The car seems to run fine but I do not drive it anymore because I think the clutch went out. Would I be able to get a code that is specific for the clutch, and if yes any of these 3 codes it? please let me know if you know something about clutches as I can put the car into gear but the vehicle will not move at all. Could it be something else other than the clutch? I don't want to start dumping money on this car just yet without a bit of input. This has been a great car for me and I would like to have it repaired. Thank you in advance
My convertible top want go down until this is set. Do you have any advise for me?
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