2005 BMW 325xi Questions

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it runs great and does not seem to have any problems except perhaps a computer glitch?
What can be the cause of that? I thought it was because I had bent rims and a bubble on one of the tires. I fixed those problems and the vibrations still persist. I also get a burning smell of rubber.
My 2005 325xi has 145K miles on it. There appears to be no real guidance on the scheduled maintenances after schedule II. Would should i do? i know my car needs a flush of the anti-freeze and power steering fluid based on the color.
does this model have an anti theft system? i dont have the manual for the car
The car still handles good on dry roads. When you hit slush or snow it feels like it all over the road like the rear end is loose. Had it checked everything seems ok. Do I need an alignment? Most threads indicate not necessary after spring install.
I would like to change the fluids in both the transmission and torque
I've removed the cup holders. How do I remove the switch?
Both buttons light up without hesitation, both are easily depressed; however, the hazard lights don't respond nor will the passenger doors unlock after pressing the button.
I've checked the fuses...those are fine.
Of course the local BMW dealer wants to charge an arm, leg, and thigh, to repair the issue.
My horn just recently stopped working? No accident or incidents have happened.
I see there are two fuses (5,55) for the horn. Can the fix be that easy...replacing the fuses?
and not making contact with the bottom of the cap causing the low level light to show up on the car.
At first I thought it was the engine; however, it appears to be something under load. Meaning it only occurs when I accelerate. Nothing when coasting. There are no diagnostic codes or any lights on! The mechanic I use thought it was the carrier bearing, which I had replaced! Yip, removed the enitre exhaust system, heat shields, drive shaft, etc. to replace it, balance it and put it back in! I've had the engine tuned up, inductor plates cleaned, the mass-airflow meter cleaned. Still have the problem.
I need replace the 6" diameter's speaker on the door. A diagram will much much help. The speaker will sound only when I ban the speaker cover. (i believe the speaker film is misalignment, change a new speaker is easier way. need to know how to tear down the door...
service people said brakes were 85% worn
My problem occurs when I am on long trips, usually an hour or so into the trip. The car will begin shaking/vibrating as if riding on rumble strips when I accelerate on uphill grades. When I let off the gas, the shaking goes away. The shaking also goes away when I reach the peak of the grade and is not present when I am accelerating downhill. Yet, no indicator lights have ever lit. Naturally the problem does not occur when my very trusted mechanic test-drives the car, and his diagnostic machine does not reveal anything either. This has been occurring for over a year. The car drives great around town, but the problem will always come up on longer trips at road speed - 60 - 70 mph, usually after an hour into the trip. Suggestions? Anyone?
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