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I'm looking at buying a 2004 325xi with 45,000 miles on it. I know the mileage is super low and I'm happy about that but concerned about future issues since I have reason to believe the car was not driven for long periods of time. What should I be looking for?? I owned an 02 330xi and have a good idea of what the costs are to fix BMW's and I know repairs can be quite expensive so am trying to avoid all that. Thanks
Hi - I just bought my first BMW. She is a 2004 325xi and seems to be in great shape. My mechanic is fixing a few little things but shared that he thinks it has been well maintained.

- What do you know now that you wish you knew when you first bought your car? Anything at all. Driving tips, maintenance tips, advise on dealing with dealer, extra keys, places to learn information, etc.

- What do you enjoy most about the car?

- Any changes that you made to the car after a few years that you wish you had done earlier?

- Anything else?


2004 BMW 325xi
Manual Transmission
I finally found my BMW! Took a while but I think I found one that had been well cared for. A couple questions.

- Prepurchase showed a leaking pinon seal on the rear differential. Is this an item you would suggest the dealer replace or can my normal mechanic do this job. BMW is $500. My mechanic is $200. Also, a few belts are worn (alternator, PS & serpentine belt). My mechanic is $150. BMW is saying $400. Anything special about these job that I should take it to a BMW dealer?

- Car has 91,000 miles. What should I plan on doing for the 100,000 mile inspection. I know changing the transmission fluid is definitely on the list. What else? My instincts tell me that the dealer should do the 100k inspection. Do you agree?

- My car has manual transmission with the original clutch. Any idea what the average life of the clutch is on a manual transmission? Does it make sense to replace the clutch at a set time/miles or just wait until it starts slipping?

- Last one. Oil changes. What is the thinking of the group for miles/months for oil changes. I know synthetic is a must. Any special brand?

I have a BIG grin on my face and am looking forward to enjoying the car!

Thanks - Doug
I replaced front drive axle, then developed differential leak, pulled axle again and replaced diff.seal now it is still leaking help.
A year ago, I brought my 2004 BMW 325 xi (81,000 miles) in for routine maintenance. When I picked the car up, the BMW shop explained that they found premature failure of the CV outer axle boots. Both boots were split and leaking grease. They replaced both boots as the grease had leaked, and the axle was were turning dry. This was covered under warranty. In December 2010, car was vibrating while riding. They stated they had to replace the right front CV shaft. They did this and the vibration stopped. Narurally, this was not covered since my certified car warranty expoired in July 2010. Should the defect to the CV shaft (axle) have been discovered when they examined the vehicle and replaced the boots in January? Could the left the left front CV shaft also be expected to fail? Is this a common problem. I am not sure if this car is safe, and I feel BMW shafted me. Is there a government agency I should report this to in case a recall is needed?
Coolant light comes on and off, car do not overheat.
turn key lights come on, radio works, etc. but car will not start. doesn't even make a sound. tried to jump it but no luck. any suggestions?
Code Po28 what does it mean
rear door will not open for the inside or outside
where is my battery i cant find it under the hood? can i remove battery myself? or do i need to take it in to macanics?
We paid for this expensive part to be replaced. Now my friend says the light went on because the gas cap wasn't closed securely! Is this true? (He said this happens on his Honda and Toyota) Was I ripped off? The car has 67K miles on it.
Sunroof seems to be off of the track on drivers side. Motor makes clicking noise. Can move it a little with manual wrench, but affraid to break glass if too much pressure is applied. Is there an assemly drawing available in the BMW service manual? HELP!
The mirrors on my vehicle change position without warning. Generally, while driving, the mirror motor kicks on changing the position. The moving mirror is the one on which the right/left switch is pointed. Both mirrors are affected, dependent on t4he position of the R/L switch. Should this be covered. I bought teh care certified in 2006. It has about 60K.
Once my car has been driven for approximately 1 hour, it will shake when you hit the accelerator. It's as if the engine isn't getting a steady flow of gas. You would swear the car has square tires when this occurs. The dealer cannot recreate the problem. It only occurs when we drive it. It drives as smooth as glass until you hit the accelerator, so i know it's not tires, brakes, suspension, etc. Has anyone else encountered this? my warranty is about to expire and i don't want to be stuck with having to pay for the repairs. Thanks.
Would you harm a 2004 325xi if one tire is 205/55/16 and the other tire is 225/40R/18? Tire circumfrence is only a difference of .66 inches? I am worried about the x drive and I need to drive the car in an emergency for 400 miles.
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