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Started after I ran errands came home went out to leave a hour later an it started went few feet shut off started again acts like it isn't getting gas have 3/4 tank of gas.
I can restart then it will run fine. For example, I'll take off at a light and it will sputter and hesitate, then finally shift and accelerate. Once I'm going it's ok. It will keep doing this until I restart the car. It's usually after I have my car parked for a few days. Recently it's happening more often, then today it would start, but stalled when I gave it gas. We let it go for a few hours, came back, the car started right up and now drives fine. !!?? I've had it in the shop for this before, they changed a sensor, but it didn't help. The mechanics were as puzzled as I am. They couldn't get it to malfunction for a while, and nothing ever showed on the computer.
I jacked the car up and changed the oil after finishing let the car down and tried to pull off but it wouldn't move. Checked all my fluids atf was low added to full line. Everything seems OK tried to go again barely moved but it sputtering when driving. What would cause that when it didn't do it prior to oil change?
BMW 325xi 2004
Is there a special tool for this?
the reverse light pins replaced by dealer I think all lights on rear of car recalled but not reverse lt.
when i try picking up speed in my car it feels like my car wont pick up speed and it starts to shake really bad. I have all new tires and my rims arent bent i just got a wheel allignment. It doesnt do it all the time but it does it enough for me to notice.
1. when the speed goes above 60mph, the front of the car starts to vibrate. i can also feel vibration beneath the car.
i even got the balance and rotation test done recently. but one month after the test i have this issue that came up.what could be the reason for this vibration.

2. the other issue is when i start the car, the rpm needle goes close to zero and i fell jerks in the car as if its going to stop.

please reply

The car stops running after a few minutes of driving, it will re start and drive again and stall again, all light come on dash including pdf indicator..
It will eventually start if I shake the steering wheel and/or the steering column while I am turning the key. Sometimes it starts right away other times it takes several tries. Occasionally I only need to mess with the gear shifter to get it to start. What do you think is the problem?
I had just changed the inner tie rod boots and done an alignment
it runs good 4 a bit than starts runing like its hesitating lite comes back on i usesd car quest sensors lite comes back on for 02sensors
After the air was turned on after driving on the highway about 30 miles. The car began to overheat and spray coolant and white smoke. This was all happened after the car was detailed.
I need detailed instructions on how I can replace the outer (passenger side) CV Joint boot on my 2004 BMW 325xi automatic sedan.
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