2003 BMW 325xi Questions

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THe Engine Symbol light is not on but the written code "check engine soon" is on. What could be the problem?
Almost home a lot of warning lights came on? lost headlights, wipers, electric windows. etc. Turned in driveway wouldn't climb hill.everything seemed dead but, still had interior lights when opened door?
It will start when I put starter fluid in and shuts off.
Same issue found trying to buy this vehicle (from 2nd owner). Must have been that way for some time as oil leak and tears at boot joints were moderate, despite owner claiming to have just had the 85k check up done, new brakes, rotors and pads put on. Not sure how they missed this or the leaking oil pan. Mechanic says that the axel(s) may also need replacing ($1500) but they won't know until they get in there. Oil pan could be cracked, or could be just the gasket leaking ($800). Again, won't know until they get in there. Thermostat is stuck open at the moment but owner would have to fix ($400) in order for car to pass smog and be sold. Decided not to buy as a result. Car is otherwise in great shape. Is that the right choice, or buy and get it fixed?
sometimes everything is ok and some other times it's like there was no more power steering at all ?? I check the power steering oil level and it's fine...does anybody have that trouble before? can somebody help me please?
fan running slow so I change fan clutch still fan goes same and still temperature goes high
The above and power windows are out. Is there a common fuse, other? that could account for this?
Is there a fuse common to all of these systems, and if so which and where? Thanks.
tried to get boost just clicking with all lights on.
It's intermittent and tough to replicate, but it's audible with the windows down and it sounds as if it's coming from the passenger side as well. I can feel the noise slightly through the steering wheel as well. Also, when braking the steering wheel shutters at highway speeds when getting off an exit.
i have driven car city 5 miles city about 40 t0 60 kmh hyghway 10 miles at 100 kmh did about 3 cycles with cold starts here temp outside is -10 6 to 8 hours apart
had code 2096 but could not find nothing so reprogrammed computer with upgrades now driven car for over a week of city and highway but evap cat and air not ready any idea how long this would take
Is this the pump?
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