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I have a problem with my 2001 325xi BMW when I put my key in and twist only my radio comes on and I have to take it out and sit in the car with my key on my lap for 5 minutes then it will start I have to do that every time and when I am driving it will randomly go into limp mode please help
Front end radiator messed up smashed in
My '01 325xit has been nearly trouble free for 189,000 miles. (Two window motors replaced as stated in the other comments.) It was running great, until I brought the car in for brakes and an alignment, and they found the oil leak (mentioned in previous comments), told me I needed a new compressor (a/c was working fine), coolant hose replaced, oil pan leak (in addition to the one above. This was $4274.92. The next week, 140 miles later, the alternator went out. They admitted it was partially their fault because of the solution they used to clean the engine, but that the alternator was "old". $500. Two weeks later (and 400 miles) , the car started "chugging" and could barely accelerate: new spark plugs and ignition coils on all 6 cylinders. $1095.00. Now the "Service Engine" light goes on and off, the car "chugs" again on and off, and it seem to slip/miss/or backfire at times when I accelerate from a stopped position (but it has also occasionally done this on the freeway). Are they screwing up my car?
I have replaced the bulb housing a year ago but the bulbs burnt out recently. I tried new bulbs in all three sockets but did not work. There is a recall for this issue but it appears to be years 2002 to 2005.
all odf them
I have never hit anything or made the airbag deploy. How do I get it to go off? It is on constantly
fuse box location
I was towing my car, just pullin it on all 4 wheels, mistake i know.
Then all 4 wheels just locked and the car just stopped.
Now i cant move it forward or back. completely locked.=/
I was told that the upper leaf of my rear spring was broken, and it needs replacement along with the rear shocks, and that this was common on this car. Is that true?
this is my first time having this problem
High pitch whine from top driver side of engine that goes up or down with the throttle of the engine. No service engine soon light on or other warning lights are on. Otherwise car runs fine. What is the cause of this noise?
I just had the thermostat replaced along with the power steering hoses. A week later driving 120 miles round trip I noticed some vibration from the left side upon acceleration. The car did not pull to one side or another, the tires aren't low. Anywhere from 60-85mph I'll get that vibration even on cruise control going up a hill.
a wiring harness was unplugged under the hood and i need to know where it goes
I'm pretty sure my fuel pump went out on my 2001 BMW 325xi. Can anyone tell me where it's located. Is it under my passenger side rear seat or in the tank? How difficult is it to replace?
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