2006 BMW 325i Questions

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While I was driving the vehicle every dash light such as the abs, brake and air bag light, along with my check engine light appeared then my steering locked and was very difficult trying to maneuver then the car jumped out of gear and died after this I jumped the car off but when I took the jumper cables of the car it died again and the trunk won't open along with key is stuck in the ignition in the off position. Does anyone have an idea of why it did this
I would like to know if I can fit the mirrors from a 2001 325i to a 2006 325i
before I make the purchase.
I replaced the wiper relay and it still doesnt work. I also tested the motor and it works fine.
I try to check the temperature and time on the indicator and warning signs, but it's not working. The instrument cluster lights are great but not the indicator and warning. What do you think could it be?
loud humming loud on acceleration
it occurs every time when I'm at a stop. it will shake/jerk and will do this every couple seconds till i start to drive again. but there is no engine light showing.
Happens when the engine is cold and warming up.
Changed the fuses but it did not help
when I accelerate over 60mph a ticking noise is coming from the dash on the drive side. It's sound like it's a fan. As I slow down the ticking stops. What could be the problem?
My heater isn't blowing hot air, but the a/c does work. I changed my fuses , check the thermostat, now I'm wondering if its the FINA stage or where to go from here, I also have a electrical issue with my vehicle which the dealer pretty much said to fix my heater and wiring would coast me around 6,000 , so any suggesting would greatly be appreciated! Along with tge Winter around the corner I'm trying not to have my children freeze.
It says on even when I change it to Drive, Reverse, and Neutral
How do I turn off this service message that appears on the message center on my dash
Soon as the car starts an louder when the gas pedal is pressed.
My 2006 BMW 325i failed for emissions. Do You know how much it will cost to fix
I plugged in a brand nw auxiliary chord several times and when I go to change the car from radio to aux the aux option is not highlighted or able to be selected.
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