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Pully goin out sqeaks when engine on
I bought a used 2005 bmw 325i and I have started doing to notice recently that every time that I start up the car and drive about 50-100 ft the break pedal reacts as if I ran over a pothole or something similar, it's only when going downhill too. Any info on problem/fix/repair cost, would be greatly appreciated.
the battery was just replaced today and drove the car home, parked, and 4 hours later the vehicle will not start. the vehicle does have the ignition sound but engine will not start. what could be wrong?
I had a new clutch kit, slave cylinder & master cylinder. Now my car is out of timing.
Leaks antifreeze when heater valve is open
My 2005 bmw 325i is leaking gas from under right rear side... I already took it to 3 different shops and they dont seem to find the problem, the last place l took it switched a little black canister right under where the leak is, l cant remember the name of it.. Anyway, after that repair it started leaking again, this is very frustrating since l already paid so much money for it and its still leaking gas, please help,,,

Note: l notice it usually leaks after filling gas,
how to reset a service engine soon light on a 2005 bmw 325i?
There seems too be another leakage somewhere. I've already replaced the coolant expansion tank and the valves but I still have to put in coolant during hot weathers. The thermostat doesnt go past the half mark, so it may not be overheating.

The new problem I have is that a liquid is leaking and burning which is causing the car to smoke up. The smoke is a light coloured smoke and it smells like something is burning. The smoke is coming from above the engine and it only happens sometimes, it doesn't continuously smoke up. The leakage has stained my driveway as well when I have the car sitting there. Could that stain be from oil? Just so I know what's leaking.
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