2004 BMW 325i Questions

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The lines ar currently off of the cooler and transmission, however, I can not get the lines out of the car.
What size fuse goes into slot 81?
My wife drove 2004 325i to store, no problem, got in to leave and no power steering. Has fluid, no leaks and the belt is on and pump spinning. What happened?
I just bought a used 2004 BMW 325I auto tranny several days ago, and only put on less than 100 miles. It drove O.K until the transmission warning light comes on and limit the vehicle in 3rd and 4th gear. Would it be a serious problem ? Do I need to replace a new tranny ? By the way. should the dealer need to take care that problem even I didn't buy any warranty from them... Please help me...
My DSC and Brake warning lamps continuously light up in yellow once the engine has warmed up. They remain on after driving for a while and sometimes they shut off. Any ideas?
i have a slow leak in my windshield fluid line. how do you repair this? the dealership wants $600 to do so!
how to replace ftont brake pads, routers and senor, and do you need one sensor or two?
what size fuse belongs in slot #47?
In 2006, I bought a certified 2004 BMW 325xi. After about a year, the cooloant light came on, and the BMW service manager said this is common on this vehicle. Hew said just top it off which I did. Is there a bigger problem he is not telling me about. There are no leaks.
My 2004 BMW 325 xi has a 15,000 mile interval between oil changes. I still have 5000 miles left to go, but the yellow oil light came on, and the oil level is low on the dipstick. Should I change oil more frequently or is there a problem? I see no leaks, no smoke.
I have a 1994 325i bought 2 days with this problem.....when u take off at a normal speed or @ any speed, once the car shifts it will over rev 1000 to 1200rpm into every gear but it seems to keep pulling.ive been told trans computer,clutches and so on... were would u start? thanks,josh
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