2004 BMW 325i Questions

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Transmission front seal bushings and the torque converter its self has anyone dealt with
These issues and then f so am advise would nhe greatly appreciated
pump cycles and turns off when put in gear veh wont move trans and ses light on.
My car is 325i, 2004. The car didn't pass the emission test. The dealer recommended changing the cyclone separator and the disa valve, both got changed but didn't solve the problem. The problem is when l try to accelerate the car shots down and bunch of lights comes on on the instrument panel including the EML light. I have to shut the engine completely off then restart ithe again. Nobody seems to know what the problem is. Can you help me please. Thank you very much.
Two codes. P0171. And P16A7
when I bought it I was told it idles rough when it got hot and it was because of the intake hose is this correct. When its not hot it does not make the knocking sound at all.
both oxygen sensors bank 1&2 at 35,000 miles, the service engine light returned again,the car runs fine, but I need to have the car smogged, What should I do next. By the way the car now has 109,000 miles. Appreciate any help.
It starts getting warm.. Is this a problem ?
The radio and dashboard works.
two months ago I took in for going into gear issues. dealership filled with smg fluid and fixed a leak they said. NOW it wont go into gear at all and I found a puddle on my garage floor. could this be related to them not properly fixing the leak?
But the light comes on while the car is in Drive
codes are O2 sensor Bank 1 and 2, abs brakes and communication link malfunction
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