2004 BMW 325i Questions

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Change the filter in tranmistoin and now no power won't go into gear
High beams only work when you pull back on the light switched
power steering went out battery light went on heart a snap
Car fill like it's not getting enough of something
I rebuilt my DISA Valve last night but am curious what the signs are that the valve is bad without removing and inspecting.
What improvements should I notice after rebuilding the valve?
I found a vacuum leak on a small line near the throttle Body but the code still pops up
I have changed the automatic transmission fluid since then the transmission started slipping and now my car does not move when in drive, could the fluid change have caused the problem
All the doors are locked and remote, nor key will unlock them. stuck in the car.
My bmw won't start only sometimes...when it doesn't start it say on the dash F circle with an exclamation mark and N
Ran out of gas then put in one gallon then ran the car ten miles then put in three gallons now it start up drives ten feet dies out exhaust burns hot
I cleaned the dash and then this problem started
need to change out the fuses for side windows? The button will work to make them move in any direction
the power steering does not work. how to know if it is pump
The battery in my car is dead. It's been sitting for 2 years now and I don't have the key with remote on key. The key that I do have opens the doors buy not the trunk.
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