2003 BMW 325i Questions

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The car was driven and parked. The next day it would not start. It does not turnover. The oil indicator goes from yellow to red.
The motor / solenoid assembly came apart when ai left my radar detector under the seat while adjusting the seat to the forward position.


click from lower left engine compartment when trying to start.
I was just told I need new rear brakes and rotors. They told me the spec are around 685 for thicknes and I was at 618. Also, no indicator light show they are worn. Any suggestions?
car has a high pitch whining sound coming from the engine that comes and goes while ideling. No effect on performance or starting.
do i rotat tires and how do i do it
I changed my brake pads. Should I have changed the sensor? How do I reset the warning light?
Per one mechanic, I need bushings(?) replaced, a wheel alignment, repair gasket leak in oil housing, transmission gasket leak, and replace coolant sensory (originally) but once I mentioned that I had a fender bender and the radiator and coolant sensory were replaced and I was going to submit a claim since the repair damage was under warranty which meant possibly taking it back to body repair shop, they called me back to say they were mistaken with the coolant sensory, it didn't need replacing, just the cap. Needless to say, it raised major red flags for me. Original estimate: $1,539. It's truly hard to trust a mechanic and the dealer is so darn expensive. How do we get around being taken for a ride when it comes to auto repair?
My car is leaking a greenish fluid. The mechanic said needs an oil filter housing gasket replacement, vanos hose replacement same as valve cover gasket. How much money could it cost me to replace those parts and labor? My car is a BMW 325i model 2003. BTW is there other name for housing gasket?
Since day 1 this car has had nothing but problems. Seems after it came off warranty it is still having problems.

Can you recommend a good repair shop no manufacture in the Roseville CA area
i believe there is a leak in the power steering somewhere and can't get the car in until Monday, should I still be driving it?????
mi carro ase un ruido en el bolante cuando lo estoy manejando o cuando esta parado el carro ase un ruido nomas cuando doy vuelta
oil indicator light comes on intermittlly
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