2003 BMW 325i Questions

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The battery is strong,the car was working fine,drove it and parked in drive way and now it won't start,key doesn't close or open doors,ones you turn on the switch you can hear the gas pump working,the lights are ok,but it wont crank up,it just won't start
I have a 2003 325i and typically in the mornings it has a hard time shifting from reverse to drive. It takes roughly a few seconds to engage into the drive gear. Once it has engaged into the drive gear there seems to be no issue. I just had the transmissions filter, transmissions pan gasket and transmission. flush done with still no change. Actually, it does seems to engage into drive from reverse a tiny bit faster now. Any ideas????? or similar problems???
How would I no if I need a cat r a O2 sensor o 2 sensor
especially while accelerating after being using the gear to slow down
My 2003 BMW 325i computer says "Service Engine Soon". Code reader says "left bank lean" and secondary code says "right bank lean" so would this mean I just need to replace my 2 front O2 sensors?
Thank you for any input you can give me
I had to manually crank it close, #46 amp 30 keeps blowing tried it 4 times all 4 blew soon as I put it in not sure what's up help please
Repair hours needed to replace
had car 9 mts, remote has never worked.
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