2002 BMW 325i Questions

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The top was cranked up manually with a drill instead of allen wrench and it stripped the gears above the windshield where the hand crank goes in.
Feels like something is holding it back like a clutch is not I was told it was a bad caliper but I hear no grinding and when put on breaks it don't pull to one side kinda feels like holding the breaks on and pushing the gas like a power break but moveing ahead real slowly I don't know I'm use to Chevy's and Ford's this is weird to me any ideas cuz I don't know
Car has been sitting for almost 2 years. Notice AC will not come on now.
Revs high but accelerates slow reach a certain speed then it's fine till I stop and take off again
How long have you had this problem? 2 wks
When driving down the hey turning slightly to the left I get a vibration then it stops when driving strait
old engine seized when radiator broke and driver kept driving.
Making a noise when turn right
for about a week i tried to do the drive cycle , but is the same , there is no codes
I cut open my original BMW key to replace battery in order to save $200 from getting a new key from the dealer. As I was walking I lost the inside part of the original key so I bought a used key on Craigslist and cut that key open in order to put it in my original key and my car still won't start. No click no nothing. Not the battery because I just bought a new one so I know its the key. Is there a way to reprogram the key so my car will start without spending $200 on a new key from the dealer? Please help thanks
Hi guys . I'm having a problem with my 2002 bmw 325i. when i start the car, the car does fine. when i turn on the A/C, headlight, or radio , the car loses voltage, and sometimes shuts down to what i feel is loss of power. Any idea what causes this problem please ?
Purchased an 02 E46 great deal. However the lad didn't change the oil very often. When I bought the car it was about 3k the "next oil change" sticker. No ticking no knocking, no rough idling. I did a tune up and oil change myself, I just want to clean out any gook that may be gumming up the engine. Thanks for your help
after repair everytime car got wet enginelite and idle off. code mentioned could be from spark plugs having oil from damaged oilgasket leak. car place would not ck unless lite remained time i would get to them it would dry &go off. they never would ck and now clutch broke? can these be related? i believe the code was 1543 it was a powertrain code, i remember that.
My 325i sporadically idles down and cuts of at stop lights. It starts immediately but then idles down and cuts off (very embarrassing at stop lights!). By starting and revving the engine, I can eventually keep the car running and limp the car home. BMW dealer cannot diagnostically locate the problem. Can the USAA module be affecting the car's computer system?
I like to know what is the function of the cabin air filter ?
Air Conditioning the car would run good
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