2001 BMW 325i Questions

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What is the cost for replacement of the seal at the pump and all the hoses?
how and where do i refill the power steering fluid?
I have a sputtering problem that happens once or twice a week and my check engine light is on. I went to autozone and had it diagnosed as having duct tube damage caused by a large vacuum leak on engine or faulty MASS sensor. Is this something that can be fixed by someone who knows just a little about repairs, like myself or should I take it to a mechanic and what should I be looking at price wise on the repair? Also what is best website to go to on how to do repairs on BMW's?
Found out last Sat. 03/05/11. By running slow you can hear a flapping sound at the back right rearwheel side. I brought it to a shop to check for nails nor pebbles on the tires. There was none. Is it the brakes ?
This car had a 50,000 mi used engine put in 2009. This past month, on occastion white smoke will come out of the exhaust. The oil light came on for a brief time, oil was checked and added. Just a few days ago, my son started it up, pulled out of parking lot...smoked came out of the exhaust and it died. We had to have it towed. The engine is not locked up...It will start and run, but white smoke is still billowing out of the exhaust. Any ideas?
husband just did an oil change put in new spark plugs and changed the air filter. now the car service engine soon light came on and the car has lost some power it is also shaky. it was running fine before the tune up
How do I take the valve cover off
When refilling transmission fluid, how do you determine that the transmission is full and where on the transmission do you put the new fluid in
I need to replace the pump pulley. ive already bought the pulley i just wanna know how much labor is generally gonna cost me.
I forgot diagnostic code, but its explanation was "misfiring on cylinder 1".
What is most likely - bad ignition coil or bad spark plugs?
Can you tell me is there an automatic trunk opener button inside the cab of the 325i i couldn't find one
How and where can I access battery for jump-start?
I have a bad muffler like sound in my car. After it heats up it kind of stops. 1 year ago, I had all the belts changed.
What fuel injection cleaner do I use?
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