2001 BMW 325i Questions

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looks like u can just pop it right back on or turn it to pop back on ?
the emissions code is po 365 could it be a defective part
Both front axle boots are torn. The cost quoted to repair was $413.71. What does it mean that they are torn?
It just happened, i was driving my BMW and suddenly the engine started shaking, all the lights on the dashboard came on, and the engine stopped. Now if i start the engine it does the same.I hope you can answer my question and thanks.
was this an update? am i missing a coolant bottle?recall?
My a/c blows cooler on the driver's side than the passenger side.
my car needed to be jump started but then was working fine for a few days when driving it around...i went on a trip and the steering became hard...the car was overheating and when i stopped to put in coolant,the battery died (turned on but not the engine)the steering was still very difficult...i was hoping i dont need an altenator, how much should it cost to repair the v-belt?
Two times, in the last 15 mths, the ac / heat doesn't go on but the next day it’s fine. Last night ac was fine after 30 min in the store it was only blowing @ (?) 1/2 power then within 3 blocks full power just kicks in (that happened for the 1st time last night!) I have a 2001 BMW 325i with 96,000m and the ‘service engine soon’ light has come on, went off for two mths & is now on again. Other than the screw I picked up in a tire my car runs great (I don’t drive it every day – couple of times a week). 1 other quickie; hot day, keys locked in running car a little over 1 hr, if your thermostat is bad what happens to the car? Thanks, I hope you can help. MJ (It’s going in for at least the fluids changing as soon as I find the right place!)
Where is the trunk release located inside the 325I, 2001 so I can get into my trunk, key works for opening the car and closing, does not work for opening the trunk.
i need to replace the starter in my 2001 bmw 325i, but i am not sure how much it should cost and i do not want to get ripped off.
Rear passenger window won't go up. The BMW repair shop says it's the master control module and the parts alone is $400. Is this real? Please advise. I just spent $2,000 on this car back in January for oil leak. Thank you.
Have a leak in one of the vacuum hoses and was wondering the proper way to check and remove them any help will be much appreciated
at night low beam lights will flash. Its like a ground problem or a momentary voltage loss. Replaced both zeon bulbs still dose it.
Not consistent
what is involved w/replacing oil pan, leaking at drain plug,what other parts need to be removed/reinstalled and or replaced. what should be replaced while open, oil,filter, pump ect. any idea of labor time,cost. Thanks Bob M
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