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I had a tune up not to long ago. I had 2 cylinders misfiring. I took the car out of town a few times and when i brought it back it would rattle a big and struggle to get out of first. Now i would step on the gas and struggle to get up to speed then get out of first. Now when i press the gas pedal the car wont accelerate.
my car was low on fluids and the mechanic put in 3 quarts of fluid the very same day my transmission seal broke. what would cause that? could he have overfilled it causing the seal to break?
This has happened at many gas stations and pumps. My gas gauge doesn't read full. The pump clicks to stop after a few seconds of pumping gas and gas comes pouring out of the under side of the car BEHIND the gas tank/opening where you put in gas (I don't know what it's called!). It literally comes flooding out and not from where the gas is dispensed. Can't find any information anywhere on this. Please help!
I replaced water pump, fan clutch as well. Its not ooverheating,
The idel stays in the middles. I see it leaking from the bottom of car right in the middle.
Pls help out with anything advice. Thanks
Window slides open 1/4" at high speed...
help please regarding whether its a possible fix without whole transmission?
Engages and works perfectly. Ive been told its possibly not a whole new transmission needed and maybe a fairly simple fix . Ive also read in this car it is common in those years. I am at a point of trade in or fix car again!! Id rather fix it but wouldnt want to dump over another grand if so
My battery died last week when it was really cold. I charged it up and 5 days later it died again. How do I tell if it is the alternator or ecu?
it's functions like locking doors,etc.
I get errors that bulbs are out and they are not thermostat is not reading correctly at times. My mileage indicators are only half way visible sometimes pushing the glass in will show them all. Any help will be appreciated
at night it didnt crank drove about about 2 hours to another city came out of the house and it wouldnt crank but for a little while
I'm trying to find out my bmw will be due in copple months. anyone has an idea?
Going up hill the engine is sludges no power , also notice my housing for the thermostat hose is sucked in ( like if some one squeezed it ) after car gets cold
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