2001 BMW 325i Questions

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Loction for cruise control fuse for a
2001 BMW 325i
2001 BMW dashboard has fault light shaped like a gear where park ,R, 1,2,3,4,5 normally is. Only have R, 3,4...
How do I get transmission fault cleared.
Mostly every morning I let the car warm up it begins to shake the service engine light comes on and at times account was shut off as if it's a battery problem but the batteries fine it's drivable but doesn't accelerate need to find a problem ASAP
car has been serviced brakes rooters changed complete tune up costing over 1700.00
All fuses have been checked, battery is good, took water pump out, thermostat and changing coolant sensor next.
My mechanic having problems putting it back up there
Brought to shop and told I needed new starter but mechanic didn't want to do it since it was huge job?
Why does my car make a high pitched whine nosie
It looks like their is some airintake under the engine on the drivers side. What is this
On a cold night i started my car and the radio didn't work at all the next day it worked but then cut off.
I cant seem to find it so i put the transmission oil where the power steering is , should I do that or not?
I was driving it and all of a sudden there is no reverse.
i want to know what the problem with my 2001 325i bmw there is smoke coming out the tail pipe when i start the car some days
The lifter nose doesn't happen all the time and goes away quickly. Could the oil pump be a problem, if not what else should I look at?
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