1995 BMW 325i Questions

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there is no clutch, is the resevior for the brake master cylinder the same as clutch master cylinder res.? do they share?
when ever i put the key inside the ignition nothing turns on, also the key turns all the way like if it were worn out. So could it be the igniton car cylinder or what are my options cause i dont want to spend that much on this, but i cant afford another car at the moment.. please help me
Where is the transmission fluid dipstick?
and if so how do i do it
all other lights in fixture and on car work fine
how is the oil service indicator light reset
How do you get the old shift knob off the stick to put on a new one. 5 Speed + R.
The problem just started today. My clock light slso does noy work- but I think that is a bad bulb.
car still overheats after changing waterpump,thermasait,radiator ,clutchfan all hoses. water is not fowing ,car not losing water is there any thing i have missed what should i do?
i was driving my 1995 325i bmw two door. allday the when we were almost home we pulled in to get gas turned car off . then went to start car again and everything turned on but not even a click .car would not start .tried jumping it no dice. the battery was low but evryuthing was on .but no start , nothing at all. so we got a new ignition and still nothing what could it be?
If the probe in front wheel well has to be replaced do you have to remove the wheel? Does the temp just need to be reset?
The inside door panel on my 325i conv has come loose at the top where the window goes inside the door. Would appreciate info as to how to fix/reattach.
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ive treid to open the trunk with the key many times finally i went in through the back seat and took the latch off so i could get a better look at the mech. and the shaft seems to work ok i just cant figure it out
ocationally the insturment panal show that the car is running hot, the fan is working, it blow a hose off of a connection point behind the moter that has two hoses and a sencer what is that?
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